“I had no idea how I was going to do. I mean, I took my LSAT and I did pretty well on the LSAT. I wouldn’t say super stellar, but I did pretty good considering I hadn’t had any prep courses. You know, I didn’t have anybody to tutor me with that. I mean my training was really when I was, not on duty and not doing drills on my submarine. I’d be like, hiding in the torpedo room or somewhere quiet, you know, try to get some time to just study stuff. When I was on the [USS] John C. Calhoun, I would study in the missile compartment or in the fire control area. So I’d be between missile tubes, which will be kinda funny because you’d see signs, say that ‘DO NOT LOITER: RADIATION’ and I’m likely sitting there because it was quiet, you know. So yeah, I had a pretty unusual educational background to say the least, but anyway, so that’s what I did. I applied to 17 different [Law] schools. I got accepted to quite a few.”