“The First [submarine I was on] . . . was a boomer, which is the USS John C. Calhoun, you can look it up, had, had you know, intercontinental ballistic missiles and our whole job is to hide. . . . And so you’d be out for generally between a hundred and five, hundred and fifteen days. And then you come back for off-crew. During off-crew you do training and stuff during the day. Well, what I did when I would come back for off-crew is I tried to take college classes. I had just enough time to get a semester in because my off-crew is about three months long. The first credits I think that I got was in Charleston and it was at a school called Baptist College, it was close to my base and the nicer schools didn’t want me. And when I say they didn’t want me I mean it, like I actually went to College Charleston and was so excited because I wanted to enroll for classes. And I went in to talk to the admissions officer and she told me that they weren’t looking for my kind of business. It was horrible, I was crushed. I really felt bad because I felt like I was being looked down on because I was Navy.”