“So while I was in the Navy, I took a lot of classes . . . , when you take classes in school, even if it’s a military school, you can get those translated into credits because they will allow the college accreditors to come in and evaluate the military classes and they’ll tell you what the equivalent would be in a civilian school. The problem for me is I was a crypto-tech [cryptologic technician], Which meant, I had top-secret SIOP, which is SIOP-ESI, clearance, which is one of the highest clearances. And anyway, there was no way they were going to let college accreditors in to evaluate it. So I had two full years of school before I ever got to my submarine, but it could never be accredited because, you know, it was, it was classified. But it was things like you know, boolean algebra, cryptographic theory, Fibonacci chains, things like that. But I could not get any credit for it. And in the military, this is a super intensive training. . . . From morning til night,you’re having to learn, you know? And so it’s a very highly advanced learning system, but you don’t get any college credit for anyway.”