“Most of us look back and ‘boy it would have been nice if we didn’t have to spend four years at med school and we knew we were gonna be orthopedic.’ Those people who want to become an orthopedic surgeon for say, would do two or three years and focus on the things primarily needed to go into practice in orthopedics. And then even with that said, orthopedic residency is five years. So my first year of residency was what we call an internship and at the time I did my internship, I didn’t do any orthopedic surgery that first year. I rotated through a bunch of different general surgical sub-specialties, vascular surgery, neurosurgery, general surgery, so I didn’t do any orthopedics. And that’s changed now. We were saying, we spent a whole year, It’s great, I learned how to take out an appendix and learned how to do vascular repairs, which in an emergency situation I guess I could do it, but in practicality did I need to spend a whole year doing non-orthopedic stuff? So now they’ve actually changed it, you are an orthopedic resident for five years. You do rotate through some surgical specialties, but you don’t spend a whole year doing it, you do more orthopedics as an intern now, which makes more sense. Residency now has you spend more time in your particular chosen field, which is, I think, better.”