“So I took, I took not the most conventional path. So most people, they’ll go to undergrad, get their undergraduate degree, apply to a medical school, and get accepted. And that’s probably the majority of applicants to medical school get in directly from undergrad. I did not get accepted. I applied late, which wasn’t good, I had a limited number of applications in. At the time I was applying there was different deadlines date and I missed them all except the state schools. So my best shot was really in your own state, which was UConn. I did not get accepted. So if you don’t get accepted to med school the first time out, you can do a couple different things. You can just wait till the next year and reapply. Or most people would advise doing something constructive that would actually improve your standing in some way by obtaining another degree in something. As opposed to just work in a lab or working in some biological sciences or something to try to improve your CV or improve your odds of getting in. So I chose to get a Master’s in physiology degree in one year. They had a program at Georgetown itself that allowed you to kinda do an accelerated masters degree. So for me I thought that would be the best thing that would increase my odds of getting an acceptance the following year. So that was called the masters and physiology program, and I was actually taking classes directly with the medical, the first-year med students, certain human physiology classes, some of the chemistry classes, so it allow me to sit in with the med school and I was able to compare my grades with the first-year med students, and so was the school itself. So I ended up getting into Georgetown that year because I completed my degree in that year while while I applied to med school. So that I think helped my chances of getting in. So I have a Masters of Science in addition to the medical doctorate.”