Our Stories

“So I took, I took not the most conventional path. So most people, they’ll go to undergrad, get their undergraduate degree, apply to a medical school, and get accepted. And that’s probably the majority of applicants to medical school get in directly from undergrad. I did not get accepted. I applied late, which wasn’t good, I had a limited number of applications in. At the time I was applying there was different deadlines date and I missed them all except the state schools. So my best shot was really in your own state, which was UConn. I did not get accepted. So if you don’t get accepted to med school the first time out, you can do a couple different things. You can just wait till the next year and reapply. Or most people would advise doing something constructive that would actually improve your standing in some way by obtaining another degree in something. As opposed to just work in a lab or working in some biological sciences or something to try to improve your CV or improve your odds of getting in. So I chose to get a Master’s in physiology degree in one year. They had a program at Georgetown itself that allowed you to kinda do an accelerated masters degree. So for me I thought that would be the best thing that would increase my odds of getting an acceptance the following year. So that was called the masters and physiology program, and I was actually taking classes directly with the medical, the first-year med students, certain human physiology classes, some of the chemistry classes, so it allow me to sit in with the med school and I was able to compare my grades with the first-year med students, and so was the school itself. So I ended up getting into Georgetown that year because I completed my degree in that year while while I applied to med school. So that I think helped my chances of getting in. So I have a Masters of Science in addition to the medical doctorate.”

“I had no idea how I was going to do. I mean, I took my LSAT and I did pretty well on the LSAT. I wouldn’t say super stellar, but I did pretty good considering I hadn’t had any prep courses. You know, I didn’t have anybody to tutor me with that. I mean my training was really when I was, not on duty and not doing drills on my submarine. I’d be like, hiding in the torpedo room or somewhere quiet, you know, try to get some time to just study stuff. When I was on the [USS] John C. Calhoun, I would study in the missile compartment or in the fire control area. So I’d be between missile tubes, which will be kinda funny because you’d see signs, say that ‘DO NOT LOITER: RADIATION’ and I’m likely sitting there because it was quiet, you know. So yeah, I had a pretty unusual educational background to say the least, but anyway, so that’s what I did. I applied to 17 different [Law] schools. I got accepted to quite a few.”

“There were some classes I had to take that were just like stupid. I’ll give you one example. Would you like to hear the example? Because I can spew about this example, it has to do with standardized testing. So I took all the standardized tests that I needed to take. So I did really well, I actually scored a perfect score on my math part of my SAT. And I got like I think at a time it was like maybe a 490 on my English part of my SAT because I was not good at like, you know, if someone says ‘circle the adjective’ like I wasn’t good at English words that describe English. And I wasn’t really that good at correcting other people’s writing at the time, but I was a very good writer. So then I also took the English achievement tests, I think they’re called the SAT achievement tests, and I scored a perfect score on my essay that I had to write. But Boston University, only accepts the SATs, not the SAT achievement tests. So because of my low score in English I was actually put into a remedial English class so most of the people in my class were from other countries. Like instead of taking EN104 which everyone has to take, I was in EN103, which would like remedial English. And then when I was done with EN103, I was supposed to take EN104. But after we turned in our first essays in EN103, my teacher said ‘why are you in this class’ And I said ‘it’s required’ and she said ‘no EN104 is required.’ So I explained to her how poorly I had done on the SATs even though I had taken the achievement tests, and did really well, that BU didn’t accept that and she said, ‘oh, I’m going to get you out of this class.’ So she went to the head of the department to try to get me out of the class and he said ‘no.’ So I stayed in that class, I actually learned more about writing in that class than I’ve ever learned in my life, because the teacher loved me. And she let me write like my papers for other classes and give me feedback on those instead of writing like extra essays which with great. And I also got a lot of tutoring jobs from that class. because the kids in the class knew that I was really good so they asked me to help them. And in the end of that class I didn’t have to take E104. She wasn’t able to get me out of her class, but I didn’t have to take basic freshman English because it was obvious that I could write. But it just shows that standardized tests are just lies! They’re just lies!”