Texas Students



Texas Students

We are third graders from Weatherford, Tx. We developed interview questions between three third grade classes. In true third grader fashion we didn’t stick to our script of questions but instead asked our interviewees whatever came to our heads at the time. Below are the unedited autobiographies and biographies in the third graders own words.


Leslie is a nice friend. Her goal in life is to become an artist. Her favorite color is pink.Leslie favorite food is pizza  from cicis . I like the animal monkeys.My favor subject is math. I am a student at Curtis elementary in 3rd grade.


Nathan’s biggest accomplishment is to make all stars. His favorite color is blue and green. His favorite food is bacon.My favorite sport is baseball. My favorite college is Texas A&M. My favorite animal is a chimpanzee.


Chloe is an amazing nice friend. She lives here in Weatherford TX. .Chloe loves the color purple. Chloe’s goal is to make the world a better place.


Bob likes the NFR rodeo and his favorite color is blue. Bob likes Minecraft and he let his teacher go all year mispronouncing his last name without correcting her. Bob’s favorite food is chicken wings.

The lead unicorns (our teachers)

Amanda Rogers

Ms. Rogers is a queen unicorn/teacher at Curtis Elementary in Weatherford, Texas. She loves the color purple and her favorite food is sushi. Ms.Rogers is an amazing teacher. She was born in Fort Worth but grew up in Weatherford. A time she failed was when we began the fairy tale PBL and it was a huge flop. She learned from this failure and our next PBL was a success! Ms.Rogers is such a nice teacher she has also won teacher of the year and innovative educator awards.

Amanda Mask

Mrs. Mask is a nice and fun teacher. I like her because she is only mean when she is mad and that is usually when someone is bad.  Her favorite color is blue. Mrs.Mask loves sweet stuff. Her favorite subject is math. Her favorite animal is a dog. Her favorite emojis is the unicorn, poop and the one where you are laughing so hard you are crying(she said that she likes all emojis period). Mrs. Mask is a real live unicorn. She also tries to find the end of the rainbow to see if there is a pot of gold.

Kristin McCoy

Mrs.MCcoy works at Curtis elementary and teaches third grade. Her favorite color is yellow and her favorite food is macaroni and cheese. Mrs. Mccoy’s biggest  accomplishment is her two daughters. Mrs.Mccoy likes her job because she likes to watch kids accomplish their dreams. She hates glitter but is still somehow a unicorn. Mrs. Mccoy has the coolest classroom. She is the best teacher I have had. I love when she gives us maker challenges.


2017 Crew under Ms. Rogers

Lilly a nine year old unicorn/gymnist and Levy a nine year old cool kid! We got to interview Rebecca, Don, Dan, and Carl and his Alpacas.

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