Sarah Thomas

Sarah Thomas

Sarah is a regional technology coordinator. She is a vegetarian, she was eating tofu for lunch and taught us about it. Sarah’s favorite colors are blue, black, and purple. Her favorite food is tofu (we are going to try it). She likes her job because it is a great place to help teachers support technology use. She lives in Virginia but works in Maryland. Her greatest accomplishment is making a network where teachers could connect and talk. This network is called EduMatch, you can sign up to be a part of this network at This is how Ms. Rogers met Sarah. Sarah came to Texas over Winter Break. She loves to sing. She went to Howard University. Given the opportunity to be a teacher she would still do the job that she has now. She loves reading. You should totally connect with her @sarahdateechur on Twitter. She even used emojis with us, so much fun!

Chloe, Bob, and Leslie

Curtis Elementary – Weatherford TX

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