Ross LeBrun


Ross LeBrun

Mr. LeBrun is a superintendent/superhero in New Jersey.  He said he likes working with teachers more than students because it will impact more learning for the students. When we asked him if he wanted to be the president or his job more he said his job. He likes his job because he gets to work with students every single day. His favorite food is stromboli and he taught us that it is like a pizza wrapped up like a burrito. His favorite color is blue. He loves to play Minecraft and has his own world. His goal is to start traveling to schools and talking to them. His favorite teacher was Mr.Paul. He was his history teacher and made him want to be a history teacher but then he found out that history was not or him.  He said that we made his day when we taught him to send emojis in the chat. Thank you for chatting with us superhero LeBrun! If you want to know more follow him on twitter @MrLeBurn.  

He even has his own twitter chat #TotallyRossome because he is just that awesome! Rock on Mr. LeBrun you’re going to change the world!

Chloe, Leslie, and Bob – Curtis Elementary – Third Grade – Weatherford ISD

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