Doug Timm

Doug is a principal at a school called Carrie Downie elementary in New Castle Delaware. We stocked him before our interview (which he was late for because he was dealing with students at lunch) and his twitter description confused us. After we talked about it we figured it out, he is a critical thinker! Maybe that’s why twitter is not for 9 year olds. Doug said his favorite color is blue. He loves music, he drops a beat every once in awhile. His favorite food is chicken wings (We love chicken wings). We asked him where he had traveled he told us so many places he has traveled to. He has been to Holland, how cool is that! He loves his job. He actually lives in Pennsylvania but works in Delaware. We forgot to ask how long of a drive that is. We googled him and found out he writes his own blog called 10 Month Adventure and can be found at He didn’t tell us this but Ms. Rogers did, he presented on a huge stage at a really big conference called ISTE. That is a huge risk talking to that many people on a huge stage, WAY TO GO MR. TIMM! 

To learn more about him follow him @DougTimm34 on twitter. He was our first interview and we forgot to write anything down. 

Third graders from Curtis Elementary Weatherford TX – Chole, Leslie, and Bob.

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