Don Wettrick

Don Wettrick

Don’s class is like genius hour class, but 100% awesomer (we know that’s not a word). He is the lead learner in an Innovation class at Noblesville High School. His greatest accomplishment was meeting and marrying his wife Alicia. He is from Indianapolis, Indiana. Don loves playing with his kids and playing golf. In his class students create, make, invent things like video games, apps, clubs, and arts. His favorite food is apples (I know crazy answer). His favorite sport to play is golf and ultimate frisbee. Mr. Wettrick wrote a book called Pure Genius. He says every elementary school should have genius hour and every high school should have an innovation class. When asked why he wanted students to have this type of class he said because it is fun to do things you want to do, genius hour should be a place to go where you work on things you like to learn about. Don Wettrick is a super awesome rockstar teacher. You can follow him on Twitter @DonWettrick. Thanks for inspiring our teachers to do really cool things Mr. Wettrick!

Bob, Nathan, Leslie, and Chloe

Weatherford, TX- Curtis Elementary

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