Dan Kreiness

Dan is a middle school instructional coach somewhere in Connecticut (sorry we forgot where)! He has been in education 11 years and loves his job! He told us his job is fun and education altogether is fun. He loves showing students and teachers new technologies he is learning about. His goal is to make learning fun for students. Dan’s favorite color is blue, he had to think about why but told us it is because it appeals to him. His biggest passion in education is student engagement. He wants a teacher to be able to make their classroom where kids want to come to learn and not spin fidget spinners. When we talked to him he was designing a really cool game for students who could not go on a field trip. Dan loves pie and so do we! He told us if he could change anything about education he would want to change assessments (we had to ask – test). He would revamp them to make them meaningful. We wish he could help get rid of the STAAR test. We talked about how we love Genius Hour and Dan said he like Genius Hour and enjoys putting kids in the driver’s seat (but not of a car at our age)!

Dan can be found on Twitter at @dkreiness

Thank you Dan for talking to us!

Peace –

Lilly and Levy Third grade TEXAS

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