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What is Humans of Education?

Humans of Education is a collaboration between students and teachers from across the globe. Inspired by Humans of New York by Brandon Stanton and Yau-Jau Ku’s class in Argentina’s Humans of their school project. 

In 2014 Amanda Rogers’ students Skyped with Yau-Jau Ku and his students in Argentina. The students discussed with Rogers’ third graders their Humans of ____ project they conducted within their school. After Rogers’ 2014-2015 third grade class connected with Ku’s class, they begin their own school project. The project was left incomplete before summer break. Eager and inspired to complete a Humans of ___ project Rogers turned to a Professional Learning Network on Voxer.

A summer night in 2014 a group of educators discussed the idea of having their students share the stories of the people of education online. Humans of Education was born. Throughout the 2015-2016 school year, educators from across the United States collaborated with their students to begin what is now Humans of Education.

Humans of Education is dedicated to highlighting educators through students eyes.

Amanda Rogers and Melissa Eddington took their students on a collaborative journey in the Spring of 2015. Melissa Eddington teaches English as a Second Language in Dublin, Ohio. Eleven hundred miles away Amanda Rogers teaches third grade in Weatherford, Texas. Rogers and Eddington collaborated with other members of the Humans of Education crew via Voxer.

Sarah Thomas assisted in planning interview opportunities for students. She even allowed the Texas third graders to interview her!

Tammy Neil collaborated with the crew to establish Humans of Education.

This project would not have been possible had Brandon Stanton not founded Humans of New York and inspired others to highlight the great people of our world.


How can I get involved?


Get your students involved

Get your students connected with people who influence education such as educators, students, Ed Tech entrepreneurs, authors, Ed Tech developers, and many other individuals who influence education. The beauty of Humans of Education is that students are interviewing people in different cities and countries via Google Hangout and Skype. Our students can learn about the world around them while finding the people who light the spark of education.


Once your students have connected and interviewed someone, request a picture of the person. Then students will write a blog about the person they have interviewed. Send the picture and the blog with your class information to or direct message on Twitter to @Humans_edu. Once we have received your blogs they will be posted on and our Twitter page.


Get yourself interviewed

Do you want to be interviewed by students and represented on Humans of Education? Send us an email or Twitter direct message and we will get you hooked up with a classroom full of willing interviewers.


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